What's It All About?

Energy is “all there is” so your energy is effectively everything that happens in your life...your emotions, your thoughts, your behaviours and your well-being are affected by your ability to manage your energy. This course offers you a wealth of techniques, ideas and ways to take away to effectively upgrade and maintain your energy management. With everything that has been happening in the world in the past few years, managing your energy to maintain your emotional, mental and physical well-being is one of the very best gifts you can give to yourself. Whether energy management is something that you know and has proved challenging for you to keep up to date, or even if the concept of energy management is completely new to you, this course can be extremely helpful for you!

What Happens?

This course is a series of 5 online sessions which take place live & are also recorded in case you miss a week. Each week we talk...about a particular theme or themes of energy management. Plus we do practical exercises each, all of which are recorded separately so you can them either live and/or through the recordings in the comfort of your own space. We also talk about any feedback /and or changes from the previous week(s) sessions. The video for the week's session will be uploaded within 24 hours of the session taking place, as will the audio recordings for the practical parts of the session which will be available to download separately. Any additional handouts will also be in the download section of each week's material. We start on Thursday 20th October at 7,30pm UK time

Social proof: testimonials

I now feel more in control....


We had plenty of time to get used to the tools we’d been given. I did a one-day energy management course a couple of years ago which didn’t stick for very long; in contrast, doing this course over 5 weeks meant we could practise the techniques more than once, giving us more chance of remembering and continuing to use them. I now feel more in control of protecting myself, my home and environment

I discovered many helpfull tools


I discovered many helpfull tools that will help me to change “things” in my day to day life to live with a “better, clearer, cleaner” energy. Some things were not new to me but I had forgotten them completely. At this time or moment in my life I really like the cutting cords and ancestral healing exercises most.

it will help me to manage my time (and my anxiety) between home and work in more calmer ways.


You masterfully compress significant and meaningful information about energy and its management for a short course via zoom and you walk with us from foundation ideas and teach us how to put into practice. Thank you for your patience Doug. Now that I understand more about energy management - it will help me to manage my time (and my anxiety) between home and work in more calmer ways.

How much I enjoyed the course...


I just wanted to mention here how much I enjoyed the course. The content, the delivery, everything was fab, and what a great group we had. I love the Thinkific option where we can look at all the materials and it's so useful to be able to catch-up with everything when it is not possible to attend the live session. Thanks

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This Course Starts Live at 7.30pm UK on Thursday 20th October 2022 & You Can Sign Up Here.