What's It All About?

You might find signing up to this course highly beneficial if you have curiosity about past lives and reincarnation in general, and/or if you have something specific that you wish to look at. A course like this is an ideal way to start (or continue) exploring what is a fascinating and potentially very helpful area. Looking at and gaining a bigger perspective on your past lives can help you to change old patterns that you thought you were born with (you were) at the source of the problem. When you are freed of old limitations, then you can allow yourself to experience positive changes now. That’s what past life work is all about! By having a greater understanding of your past lives and the positive and negative patterns that may be sitting within your consciousness, then you have the awareness and potential to bring positive change to your life more easily in the here and now. One of the many powerful aspects of past life work is that it often empowers to make different choices in your life. Having freedom of choice is what life is the essence of life!

What Happens?

The five weeks of this course are all "live" and interactive, so you can participate, ask questions, give feedback...Each week we will be talking past lives (theories, ways to best experience them etc) and we will be exploring a past life too. The sessions are also recorded for you, and stored on this website in case you miss a week. Then you can watch at your leisure or perhaps even again to reinforce the learnings and awareness. They are also downloadable and use again whenever you want to in the future. As well as exploring past lives, we will also be looking at healing or transforming past lives, or more specifically some of the dysfunctional patterns that come from past lives. Whilst the subject of past lives is endlessly fascinating, please keep in mind that this course is primarily created to help you live this current life more easily and gracefully then you doing already. Transforming past lives helps the current one!! And that is why they are so important to work with. Everything can be explained by history - your life, what's going on in the world etc. Getting a fresh perspective on you is the way to change how you move forward in life.

A Testimonial or Two

Highly Recommend


“I highly recommend Doug’s past life workshops. They are a great opportunity to look at past lives under Doug’s expert guidance. Amazing, insightful and delightful experiences that I got so much out of. In fact I will probably take more out of this than I realise at the moment”

It’s something I’m passionate about...


“Just wanted to say I found Exploring Past Lives to be an amazing experience, it was fascinating! I learned so much and had some wonderful experiences. It’s something I’m passionate about and want to venture further into. Thank you so much!”

I highly recommend

David Riklan

I highly recommend working with Doug Buckingham. He is insightful and a leader in hypnosis and past life regression.

Thank you


I would like to thank you for all you have done for me. I really feel I am becoming the person I wished and visualized to be. Keep doing what you do- it is powerful and enhancing. You change and transform people's lives, you are living your mission. I wish you all the best and all your dreams come true. I might catch up with you soon with some of your courses.

What I liked most about the course


“I liked the depth of experience. We covered a broad range of scenarios relevant to the Soul experience. Now I’ll have more courage and energy to move forwards, and feel I will be more open-minded. I also found a good way to connect with my spirit guides.”

Your Next Opportunity

Course Starts Live 7.30pm UK time on Weds 8th February2023