What's It All About?

You might find signing up to this course highly beneficial if you have curiosity about the regression/spiritual realm area in general. Looking at and gaining a bigger perspective on your Soul Journey can help you to bring understanding and acceptance to your current life now. A deeper and more meaningful connection with the Soul is life enhancing too. By having a greater understanding of what you did in between lives, and some of the choices you made on a Soul level, then you have the awareness and potential to bring more understanding and acceptance into your life more easily in the here and now. Whilst the subject of the spirit realm is endlessly fascinating, please keep in mind that this course is primarily created to help you live this current life more easily and gracefully then you doing already. Note: I recommend that you have either completed "Exploring Past Lives" with me and/or done other past life work to get the most out of this course.

What Happens?

The 5 weeks of this course are all "live" and interactive, so you can participate, ask questions, give feedback...etc. On the first week of the course we explore the past life immediately prior to this one, which often has a lot of relevance for what happens in the Interlife space, subsequent Soul choices and then what's planned for your current life. Each week after that we will be talking about the Interlife realm (theories, ways to best experience etc) and we explore an aspect of it too during the regression. Soul Groups, Life Choices, Meeting with Masters and more. Each session is recorded for you, and stored on this website in case you miss a week. Then you can watch at your leisure or perhaps even again to reinforce the learnings and awareness. They are also downloadable so you can use again whenever you want to.

A Testimonial or Two

What I liked most about the course

Anne H

It sounds trite, but absolutely everything. You are an extraordinarily good teacher. You listened and commented intelligently but didn’t allow anyone to dominate or take you off task. You were extremely helpful to my “block” and actually opened my regression beyond measure. I felt the group connection too. Clarified everything. My work has for the last 10 years been about helping people find contact with their soul energy and purpose, and this course has somehow enabled a new beginning which is already resonating with my clients, and I feel I am reaching my life purpose from the understandings I needed to gain to date.

What I liked most about the course?


The flow of insights. I had adjusted my expectations based on the fact that the course was online and I went into trance sitting on a chair. I was amazed at the huge amount of insights I got. This included energetic clearings, crystal clear communication with guides and generally speaking answers to my questions. Most people are nervous about doing a face to face LBL. So you are very skilled and gifted Doug to be able to hold such a high vibrational space for a group of people on an online platform.

Your Next Opportunity

The next course starts live at 7.30pm UK time on Thursday 9th September - You can sign up here.